Have you thought about telephone or online counselling?



Many counsellors and psychotherapists have begun offering online and telephone counselling during the last few years.   This is a great thing providing more
opportunities for people to work through personal or work issues.  


Some people who contact us about online or phone counselling
are concerned about security issues and how easy it will be to communicate well
with the counsellor.   Like any counselling practice, confidentiality and good systems are important.   The Whole Story has strong security and confidentiality measures in place to protect you and your information including for telephone and online work.


Telephone counselling

The Whole Story has many clients all over Australia who prefer telephone counselling because, as one client described it, “it’s more relaxing… like chatting to a friend about stuff on the phone”.   Many people enjoy the immediacy of phone counselling and not having to leave the house is not only convenient for some but can often mean the difference between getting support and not.   Clients with high anxiety levels that may
prevent them from travelling to a face-to-face counselling session, for example, find they can more easily open up sitting in their own home.   We also do specialist work with women with post-natal depression by telephone, making this important support a reality for women battling with issue together with realities of caring for a young baby
and often other children.


Online counselling


Like telephone counselling, vast distances can be crossed through online counselling via skype, instant messaging services like Google Talk or Google Hangout or even via email.   Email and telephone counselling together can work really well for lots
of people including those who may want to take more time to consider what to
write or share in counselling to get the most out of the process.   Our email counselling clients get access to our worksheets and homework exercises which often creates a great chance to understand what is going on for them in more detail and more quickly.

Of course, not being in the same room as your counsellor can also be great if you are wanting a more private space for more difficult conversations.   And you only need travel
as far as reaching for your phone, laptop or mobile to get the assistance you have been looking for.

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